Hey there, I'm Danielle...
a yoga teacher, digital creator, and business mentor for holistic entrepreneurs

Trust me, it didn't always look like this

I know, I'm a slashie. And you might be too. Multi-passionates for the win! But if you're anything like me... it didn't start out that way.

I quite literally stumbled upon the wellness world when I walked into a yoga class instead of my regular contemporary dance one. Not one to do things halfway, I promptly signed up for a yoga teacher intensive (alongside finishing dance school AND working a full time job.)

That trend continued: I brought my work ethic from dancing straight into the fitness industry. I fell into 16 hour days, worked every weekend and lived constantly on the edge of burnout. I felt like I was running the wrong way up an escalator –moving, sure, but not really getting anywhere. 

Let's backtrack for a minute

But I kept learning, one wobbly step at a time. And now I live between Bali and London, I work with epic boss babes from all over the world, and I still have time to chase all the baby waves I want. The dream.

Sometimes I can’t believe the life I lead now. I'm not special – I just finally stopped believing that I had to do things the way everyone else was doing them. And now, I can't wait to help you to do the same: to claim your worth... plus tax and shipping on top. Because you deserve it.

And the best is yet to come

Bali, Indonesia
I launched my signature course, built a waitlist for mentoring yoga teachers, became the face of Mvmnt on SkyTV, and moved to the land of sun and sea.


Bangor, Northern Ireland
Spoiler alert: I didn't change. I forgot about my Bali burnout resolutions and jumped straight back into teaching. I would have continued... but Covid had other plans. Escaping to the hills, I decided that it was finally time to stop running and actually start making this yoga thing sustainable.


There was an undeniable shift

Bali, Indonesia
After reaching maximum burnout stage, I took a spontaneous holiday (the first in half a decade). I carved out my future dream life, and decided that the only way I was going to get there was if something changed.


London, UK
After finishing my dance degree, I promptly decided I wasn't cut out for the competition (great timing girl) and retrained in fitness. I taught reformer Pilates full-time, did 1:1 yoga coaching on weekends, and decided that 'sleep when you're dead' was an excellent moral to live by.


The year where it all began

Mysore, India
I spent time in an ashram in India for my first YTT, learning how to teach headstands, give adjustments and attempt (with difficulty) the practice of silent meditation.


The timeline

A look back

Having a deaf translator mom gives you a unique set of skills, and growing up with ASL was one of them. Very useful when you're trying to chat nonsense to your siblings without the grownups knowing (as long as mom wasn't in the room).

My second language was sign language

My first 'formal' education experience only started when I left home at 15. The culture shock was real... but that's a story for another day.

I was homeschooled in India

I once bought a semiprecious ring from a vendor who promised he had personally dug the stone out of a rock cave near his hometown. I know (now) he was probably spinning a tale. But the story was worth it.

Stories are my kryptonite

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