The Yoga Influencer will teach you everything you need to know about showing up as yoga teacher on the 'gram. Learn the exact steps I followed to grow my Instagram followers by over 10k each month (no ads, tysm) and the viral strategy I use to help my Reels get 1M+ views.

Want to grow your followers, build a community, and finally start seeing results on Instagram?

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PSA: the algorithm isn't out to get you. It's actually a tool to connect you with those that need you. But you've got to play by its rules.

Demystifying the algorithm


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Demystifying the algorithm

Bios and highlights and feeds: it's a minefield if you don't know how to navigate it. Take my step-by-step process for setting up a profile that actually showcases you in all your glory, and learn to create aesthetic content that actually converts into results on your grid.

Setting up the ideal profile


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Setting up the ideal profile

Forget hours on Canva and professional videography. Virality means 'to be easily spread'. And whether you're creating a reel, a carousel or anything in between: this strategy will help you to spend your time on what really matters.

The secret to viral content

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The secret to viral content


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If you want to use Instagram to make an impact, this is the course for you. It's suitable for anyone who wants to use Instagram to grow their reach, engagement and audience organically: no bots, no ads, no sleaze.

It's scary making pivots on the 'gram, but just remember that it's not about you. It's about the dream audience you want to attract. There are instances where starting from zero could be the right choice, but for the most part, my advice is to just start showing up as the new version of you, and those in your current audience who aren't along for the ride will drop off along the way.

My mission is to help you make friends with the 'gram again. Whether you're new to the social media game or just disenchanted with it, I'm here to give you valuable insights, tips and techniques to improve your content and grow your presence.

Each of the masterclasses are between 20-35 minutes long. The main time investment is the work you do to applying the course: but your checklists and content prompts will help you minimise the time you're spending creating, so that you can use that time for other things (aka living your best life!)

I used to think I had to choose between a good life and a meaningful one.

Now, I surf waves, chase sunsets in Bali, represent yoga on SkyTV and help yoga teachers worldwide to build careers they adore.

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