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I wanted to talk about some of the things I’ve learnt from teaching 1-1 yoga online. TBF I don’t do much of that anymore, I’m mostly mentoring other yoga teachers – but I still have a very small handful of private clients that I love more than life, and I still use all these tips […]


6 modern ways to teach ancient disciplines (like yoga) without losing your authenticity.


Even the most perfect dreams have parts that suck. Is a rose really a rose, if it doesn’t have a thorn? I’m going with no. I’ve been pricked by plenty of roses in my lifetime. And a fair few thorns, without even a rose to make it better. But in terms of dream lives and […]


When I first quit dancing and started out as a yoga teacher, I decided to change my Instagram + twitter names to… drumroll, please… @yogawithdanielle. I mean, it does what it says on the tin, right? My name’s Danielle, and I’m going to be teaching yoga. And I want to use my account to inspire […]


They say “have no regrets” – and in a way I don’t. But there’s def some things I wish I learnt sooner. For one, I wish someone told me before that the skills you need as a good yoga teacher are different to the skills you need as a good business owner. I wish someone […]


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The world doesn’t need more people who do things because they can. The world needs more people who do things because they CAN’T NOT.

3 Tips to Discover Your Zone of Genius

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